BILLY BLUEMOON, four musical stories (EN-IT-FR)

EN Four musical stories for narrator and small ensemble. Titles are: Billy Bluemoon and the Gramophone Thief Billy Bluemoon and the Christmas Bells Billy Bluemoon and the Dance among the Cacti Billy Bluemoon and the Flying Indian click on the title to go to the detailed description (music samples and scores) The booklet with all… Leggi tutto »

Junior Band Pieces

Here some pieces created for band meetings: Springtime, from Festa delle Minibande Faido 2004 Festival Calypso, from Festa delle Minibande Giubiasco 2011 Flashmob Rock, from Festa delle Minibande Giubiasco 2016

Books & Ebooks

Some musical theater and stories texts by Ernesto Felice are now published separately from the score and distributed on Amazon. I testi di alcuni teatri e racconti musicali di Ernesto Felice sono ora pubblicati anche separatamente dalle partiture e distribuiti su Amazon. In english: In italiano:

Ughetto e Pandora

Ughetto and Pandora’s Christmas is a story about how panettone, an italian sweet bread loaf, was invented. The story consist of six pieces alternating the narration: 1.Pastoral, 2.Ughetto on his way, 3. Pandora’s Theme, 4.Ughetto at work, 5. Fanfare, 6. Dulcis in Fundo There are two distinct versions of the music: the first one is… Leggi tutto »