Billy Bluemoon and the Christmas Bells

Pieces and story


“There once was a place called the Old West, a vast land across which noises and sounds flowed freely in all directions…”


“- By Christmas,- bellowed Reverend John one day from his pulpit, – I want all of you, dear worshippers, to have done at least one good deed. And not just you folks in here…”

4.The Duel

” -Well, that’s a fine way to spend the money for good deeds! I’m going to speak to that pastor, – Billy announced, springing to his feet like he was about to face a duel”

5.Pleasant Journey

“-Let’s go together.- Billy suggested. -Fairs are the perfect place to ask around…”

6.Christmas Gift

7.Solitary Ride

8.Indian Dance

9.Troubled Ride

10.Finale for scores.

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