Billy Bluemoon and the Gramophone Thief

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Billy Bluemoon and the Grammophone Thief is a musical story for narrator and small ensemble 
four parts and percussion, piano ad libitum. Editions Difem (

Pieces and plot

1.Ouverture -The music carries the audience to old west.

2.Coming Back Home – Billy Bluemoon returns home after taking a dangerous bandit. He has a present for his fiancee.

3.Ballad of the Good Bounty Hunter – The whole village is celebrating Billy’s feat.

4.Waltz in the Moonlight – Later Billy stays alone with his fiancée Rosy.

5.Furtive Nocturne – during the night someone steals Billy’s gift for Rosy.

6.The Ride – Billy goes after the thief, but in the village:

7.Funeral March – everybody think that Billy is now dead, because he entered forbidden territory.

8.Indian Dance – Billy is captured by the Indians who submit him to the verdict of the dance of truth: Billy is a friend and he deserves to be helped to find the culprit.

9.The Ride – Billy returns to the village

10.Trap Boogie – the musical trap of the Indian is put in function

11.Regrets Beguine – and the culprit is captured

12.Wedding Polka – Billy can give her gift to Rosy and ask him to get married.

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